Listed below is the list for our 2023 foal crop! I will update the website as quickly as I can, however, there are always a ton of pictures on Facebook, Instagram and our Group Page on Facebook. Feel free to add me on there as well as join our group page. 

For any foal that is available, they will be listed first on this page, with their price tag at the end of their description. If we have received a deposit, at the end of their description, we will state they are sold. If we are waiting on a deposit, we will list Sale Pending. NEVER HESITATE to call, email, or shoot me a message. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

We do require a 25% deposit, with a 25% payment at 2 months of age, leaving 50% remaining at pick up (4-6 months of age). If the buyer backs out, no money is refunded. If something happens to the foal, all money is refunded. 

Everyone is 5 panel tested. Everyone comes registered. Everyone is taught to lead, load, and pick up feet by the time of weaning.